IDE Support

IDE Support

Oso’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) integrations provide syntax highlighting for .polar files. Additionally, our Visual Studio Code extension will display diagnostics (errors & warnings) from your Oso Cloud policy in-line in the editor and in VS Code's Problems pane.

Supported Editors

Visual Studio Code


  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Diagnostics (errors & warnings) from your Oso Cloud policy are displayed in-line in the editor and in VS Code's Problems pane.
    • The extension immediately highlights errors and warnings encountered while parsing and validating your policy, such as if a rule is missing a trailing semicolon, or a resource block declares "owner" as both a role and a relation. You would normally see this feedback when uploading your policy to Oso Cloud, but the extension surfaces it while you edit your policy.


By default, the VS Code extension is configured for the dialect of Polar used in the Oso open-source library. To use it for Oso Cloud, set the extension's "Polar Language Server: Language" to "cloud".


Because the configuration pertains to a particular workspace, it makes the most sense to configure it in Workspace Settings (and not User Settings) by selecting the "Workspace" tab at the top of VS Code's Settings editor.



  • Syntax highlighting.

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